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Wine is like bottled fine art. It's crafted to perfection, created for others to enjoy and inspired by the artisans before us. 


Wine is not just wine. It's a way of life that is built upon taste, happiness and relationships.


It begins when we sit together with the owners of the vineyards and share a glass of wine. We shake the hands of the men and women who have picked the grapes from the vines, crushed those grapes and processed the liquid art that is bottled and sent to you. 

Collasanto Wines has partnered and developed family bonds with unique Italian wineries. We will extend that bond to our Ontario customers with wines that only we can provide. 

We all know that wine is one of the finer things in life, which is why we pride ourselves on our partnerships with vineyards that meet our high expectations.


We have an exclusive array of fine Italian wines which I guarantee will be more than just a purchase, it will be an experience.

Meet Our Agent


Growing up in an Italian household, wine was always on our table. I remember my first experience, where my Father allowed me to mix a little ginger ale with the red wine. I absolutely loved it.

Many years later, my appreciation for wine turned into a passion which developed as I began my travels to Italy. It was a thrill to discover my heritage. My father was born in the province of Avellino (Region of Campania) and my mother came from the province of Foggia (Region of Puglia).


I've been fortunate to travel regularly to Italy. It's something my family and I cherish because it keeps us connected to our roots and it enhances our love and appreciation for our beautiful country. 

I have always been proud to call myself Italian. Obtaining my Italian citizenship has allowed me to immerse myself even further into the culture to explore and savour my heritage.


Italy is known for its food and wine. It’s part of a culture that brings family and friends together for quality time. A glass of wine and a “spuntino" like bruschetta or prosciutto and cheese, has so much more meaning than just “eating” or “drinking." Opening up a bottle of wine to serve and enjoy with others is how we express our love and emotions. It’s how we nurture our existing relationships and a way to begin new ones.

The wine culture is a way to communicate, express ourselves and participate in something greater.

And that I believe, is a beautiful thing.


Aldo Collarile

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